A foreign natural person or company can establish a company in Hungary without any restrictions on foreign quality and without official permission. It is also possible for a foreigner to work in a company founded by himself. Of course, if a non-EU citizen wants to work in Hungary in his own Hungarian company, then he needs a Hungarian residence permit and a Hungarian work permit. If the owner or manager of the company has received a residence permit in Hungary, his / her family members may apply for a residence permit in Hungary on the basis of family reunification.

Company formation in Hungary

A business-based residence permit can be obtained by the managing director of a Hungarian company. In Hungary, you can easily and quickly set up a company. Furthermore, it is cost effective due to its favorable tax and operating costs. Due to its favorable location and membership of the European Union and the Schengen area, the country is also an ideal location for looking for a European center for its business so far, or becoming a new business. It is not necessary to travel to Hungary to start a company, because you can also conduct legal proceedings at the official Hungarian delegation.

Bank account opening:

When starting a company in Hungary, it is necessary for the company to open a bank account with a Hungarian bank. To do this, the company's manager must travel to Hungary! If the manager needs an invitation letter to enter Hungary, our company will obtain it. If you need it, they will help you open your Hungarian bank account.

Insurance of headquarters

Every Hungarian company needs to have its registered office in Hungary. Our offices and contracted partners can provide headquarters in most Hungarian counties. As part of our headquarters insurance service, we send all letters received to the company name within 1 day to the Customer.

Business Plan

If a newly-established company wants to employ a worker outside the European Union, the company's business plan must be attached when applying for a work permit. If required our office stayy will prepare a business plan for you. Apart from that you can be a part of one of the best pulic and private healthcare system in Europe.

Benefits of a Hungarian residence permit

If you obtain a residence permit for yourself and your family with a company or an existing company, you can continue to travel without restrictions in the Schengen area and take advantage of the local low cost of living, a favorable business environment, and the location of Central Europe. The floor can be part of one of Europe's best public and private health systems. If you need more detailed information, please contact our qualified staff for free consultation.



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